Friday, May 20, 2005

Emergent- reflections on thur

Ok, yesterday was a good day!

I was going to the morning learning seminary, but at the last minute ended up hanging with the homies in the computer lounge!!! How geeky did we all look- myself, gavin, bill, and eric?

borrowed from bill's blog
Then I went to the Blogger lunch, which was soooo fun!!! I met a lot of new faces and finially met Will Sampson face to face. That was cool.

borrowed from bill's blog
Then the one workshop I did make yesterday was John Franke's- Karl Barthe for the Emerging Church. I wasn't feeling it though. I didn't do much for me. I was hoping to hear more about how his theology could inform the emerging church but instead it was much more biographical. Oh well.

Then I was off to Trevecca for my evening go around with Radical Orthodoxy- yeah- so John Milbank is NO JOKE!!! If you want something that will stimulate, give a headache and leave you bewildered- try and read him. BUT- I'm interested in RO- cause I think there's a connection between what these theologians are doing and what emergent is trying to do. We'll see though.

I'm looking forward to hooking up with my pals...
11:30 meeting of the "Emo"rgents (ha ha)
NeoMonasticism (I really want to see what this workshop has to say)
Being "Tickled" at tonight's general session
Eucharist!!! Yes, I need some blood and body of Christ right now.

Shalom all,

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