Friday, May 27, 2005

TreeFinger and Alt.Worship

So one thing that I've really been into for the last few years, along with Gavin, is alt.worship. The idea behind alt.worship is to recover God as Holy Mystery through creative and experiential expressions of worship. For us it is usually done with a mixture of ambient music, interactive prayer stations, darkness, candles, high level of liturgy, and periods of silent prayer.

Gavin and I work well together because he is very talented on the use of visuals in worship. I complement it with my passion to create "soundtracks" for worship- usually ambient and instrumental in nature. These songs tend to feel more like a background to what's really going on- participants (hopefully) experiencing the presence of God through creativity and liturgy. Gavin and I actually have a ministry, "InSearchOf... Worship" that goes out and does this for groups- and we each do this at our home churches.

In an effort to really pursue the musical side of this I am collaborating with a wonderful composer and good friend of mine- Brandon Brooks. He and I are working on a project that I am calling "TreeFinger" which will be "soundtracks" for worship gatherings. The music is best used for times of silence or creative prayer/meditation. It ranges from pretty intense techno to extremely "chilled out" downtempo.

Check the first song, Homeward Bound at TreeFinger's MySpace Site.

You are obviously free to download the song, and please feel free to use anything I post in your worship experiences if you are into contemplative expressions of worship. Be warned this is NOT for the contemporary worship service scene.

Oh yeah, and I need some friends, so if you are a "myspacer" then look me up and hook me up!

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