Monday, May 09, 2005

Gavin's Party WAS The Cat's Meow!!!

Well despite John's, from Locust and Honey, accusation that Gavin is a chronic evangelist of rumors (and the gospel). I have to take up for my buddy and tell you all of the most delightful dinner party Gavo hosted last week.

It all started about 6pm when I arrived at Gav's luxiourious condo on the upper west side of Nashville. I entered his pad to some absoululely wondeful jazz. He had splendid 8 piece band, with full horn section. As I recall they were playing a Miles number off of Kind of Blue.

All of Nashville's most elite Elders and Deacons were at this dinner party. No riff raff here.
I'll tell you what- Gavin Richardson is one CLASS ACT!!!

The party went on throught the wee hours of the night. About midnight Gavin put the wine away and the 'SHINE came out- pure, 100% Roan Mountain Backwoods Moonshine!!! The best I've ever had!!!

And on top of that- something only the most elite of elite in Nashville knows about-


I went home a happy man.

Thanks Gavin for a wonderful party. Thanks John for feeding the rumor mill's fire!!!

Although the story that was just told, was indeed a true story- the characters are figments of my imagination and do not represent the views or opinions of the United Methodist Church, although no one is quite sure what the views and opinions of the United Methodist Church actually are (please see the United Methodist Social Principles for verfication). If you are offended by the story you have read please send all letters of concern to:

The Meow Mix Company
Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 1594
Secaucus, NJ 07096-1594


gavin richardson said...

i'm so glad you brought the tennessee moonshine, ever since the police busted my still looking for that purse thef i haven't found a good place in west nashville to hide a new still. however, i do have my eye on a new spot.

oh, remember we're not supposed to share the stuff the elders said about jay

John said...

Hilarious disclaimer!

gavin richardson said...

i now like you disclaimer even more than the highlights of the party. &:~D

Jay said...

Man for a sec there I was feeling like I got left out of the party!

St.Phransus said...

noway man!! you were there, don't ya remember? oh that's right you had the moonshine!!!