Friday, August 12, 2005

A Great Ending to the "Not So" Sabbath Adventures

The day was winding down. Gavin and I were walking to our cars to call our "Not So" Sabbath Day quits when I spotted the labyrinth at Scarritt-Bennett.
Finally- the opportunity for silence and solitude. I began walking and I felt something- it was amazing. Wow, this silence stuff really works. Then I realized- the sprinklers around the labyrinth had come on. On a day when the heat index was close to 100, and humidy was 1000%, the water from the sprinkler became the living water of Christ for me.... not a bad way to finish a Sabbath Day Retreat.

shalom all,


Zoomdaddy said...

no way you would get me outside on a day over 85, I prefer silence in solitude in an air conditioned environment where I don't have to ask God why it's so hot as I slowly melt away.

Auntie Em said...


I could have used that kind of living water the day I walked the labyrinth! What a great way to finish your day.

Speaking of living water, I met a young lady this morning who will be baptized next Sunday at John's dad's church. She knew you from Summer Sizzler at Beersheba. Some good things happened at that youth event! Thank you for your ministry.

St.Phransus said...


That's awesome!!! I wonder who it is? Id love to send her an email. And yes, it was an AMAZING weekend!!!


Zoomdaddy said...

there's a blog spam comment immediately above this one you might want to delete about stock market stuff.