Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Chuck Colson has written a great article where he realizes that no secular agenda held by either liberals or conservatives "get it right". In my eyes this kind of truthfulness and insight, if adopted by UM's would pave some bridges in dialog and even new and different possibilities. Check the article, "What is Justice: neither liberals or conservatives have it quite right".


Kara said...

Hmmm... see persons as created by God and not as objects. good idea. I sure saw this writ large sitting in General Sessions court last week. So easy to assume, judge and presume what was best for people. It takes a lot more time (and cell phone minutes) to get to know the unique people that God as created and loved and then seek restorative measures for them as individuals.

But I also believe the government has got to be involved. Institutional change has to be part of the solution. I guess you can tell which side of the liberal/conservative divide I fall on?! ;-)

John said...

Colson says this and yet still participates in Justice Sunday II.

gavin richardson said...

i'm with john... dismissed as coincidence