Friday, August 12, 2005

The "Not So" Sabbath Day Adventures of Gavo and Jonathon

Picture yourself in the halcyon days of childhood. You are putting on your jacket, getting ready to leave home, when your mother calls out your name.

"Where are you going?" she asks.

"Out," you say.

"With whom?" she continues.

"My friends," you answer.

"To do what?" she inquires.

"Nothing," you say....

That is the scenario for the last two days of my life. Yesterday Gavin and I had decided would be a Sabbath Day. First we were going to go to Penuel Ridge for an overnight time of solitude. Well, after several meetings quickly took over as the agenda for the day for both of us- that got shot down.

After the last meeting at the United Methodist Publishing House was over (more about that later) we decided to carry over the idea of a Sabbath Day.

So today I woke up early ,went into church to get some things done for the weekend,and then decided to see if Gavo and I could use Stillpoint as our Sabbath Day homebase. My buddy Sis. Kathleen (another story for another blogpost) informed me that becuase of various projects going on at Stillpoint a sabbath would not be a good experience there.

So then I went to the next best location- Bill Lizor's office. I thought to myself- "self, what a very tranquil place Bill Lizor's office might be." But instead I found a very pissy Bill Lizor on Friday (poor bill). He was just in a real blah mood. None of my lame and annoying jokes lifted his spirits.

So then finially Gavo, Bill and I hooked up for lunch and then Gavin and I went over to Vanderbilt Divinity Scool in search of a wifi connection to surf and have quiet. What we found was a nice lounge but no wifi. So instead we went up to the Vandy Div School Cokesbury bookstore (yes vandy has a cokesbury located in the div school). There we harassed Dan and Angela as they were busy stocking shelves full of wonderful and intriguing works of theology.

(Dan at Cokesbury enjoying stock day)

Frustrated at our lackage of wifiness we have no settled down for the last part of our Sabbath Day back at the Alektor Cafe (sometimes i feel like i live here). And here I am writing this post and lauging at John "Liberace" Wesley and listening to monks chant. Wow, Sabbath Days with Jon and Gavo- a lot of holy (or not so holy) laughter and just a lil' bit of solitude.

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gavin richardson said...

i think i saw an album of charles iglesias wesley music next to the byzantine liturgy and orthodox mass chant.