Monday, February 26, 2007


My apologies to my mobile phone service provider, Cricket. I have been with this service for 4 years now. If you have never heard of Cricket there is a reason for this- they have the reputation of WORST SERVICE IN THE UNIVERSE!!

The upside to Cricket service is that EVERYTHING is unlimited with the highest monthly service plan being $50 (which is what I have). I started out T-Mobile several years ago and to my displeasure Jen banned me from cell phone use when I continuously went over the monthly minutes, which is when I switched to Cricket.

Well 4 years later, and a much improved service can I just say for the record- Cricket, I am sorry for all the bad things I have said about you in the past. I can't take them back because they were all true- but you have redeemed yourself.

According to this article that I read from the BBC people are using their cell phones and mobile devices now more than ever for checking email, surfing the web and online communication. I know that this is true for me. Last week I purchased a new phone- the Motorola SLVR which allows me to text, check email, and surf web and when you partner that with Cricket's unlimited everything- that equals SWWWWWEEEEEEET!!!

Gee, if only Cricket would offer a Smart Phone, then I'd be hooked up big time.



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