Monday, April 16, 2007


Keep a look out... The Way of Pilgrimage is soon to be "hot of the press" and in stores!!

Annnnd... along with it is the Way of Pilgrimage, or WOPi, Website with the Methoblog's two quirkiest mystics as guides. I hear the WOPi Website should be up and going within a week or so. Check back for more details.


Mary Beth said...

OK, you scared me at first. It's my naptime and I'm a little groggy, and my mind immediately jumped to "Way of the Master." Gack.

St.Phransus said...

funny, because when the website goes live you will see gavo and i go kung fu on each other.

gavin richardson said...

i am totally kirk in this one!

Paul said...

If you're looking for a really quirky mystic, check out the unhelpful, uninformative link below - I turned it up because it uses the word "contemplative." I'm interested in this topic so I assumed it was a blog related to contemplation.

It's true that I'd gotten the impression that fundamentalists are sometimes unaware of Christianity's venerable contemplative tradition, but I hadn't realized that some are apparently out to misrepresent it - not sure if it's deliberate or just lack of knowledge:

Rather appalling either way.

emily said...

awww, u n gavo. ya'll make me smile. = )


St.Phransus said...

i looked at that site and definitely would not visit there if i were looking to be informed on anything from the contemplative tradition. i suppose i can admire the fact that there seems to be a genuine curiosity by these folks towards contemplative christianity, but man oh man they are not very generous in their analysis.

oh well.