Friday, April 13, 2007


Back in September, 2006, Gavo and I agreed to be the hosts for a podcast sponsored by The Youthworker Movement for people in youth ministry. Well we recorded, it sat on a hard drive for a while, it resurfaced, was edited, soundtrack was recorded and now it's up and we have ourselves a new adventure in the making.

I don't think it's available at the Youthworker Movement website yet, but you can listen to it here.




takemyhand said...

Woohoo! Shout out to me!


I enjoyed listening... ya'll should definitely keep up with the podcasts. It's stuff a lot of youth workers need to hear.


takemyhand said...

I completely agree with the language thing. That's right on in my experience.

People assume that youth are not able to think theologically, when in fact youth ARE thinking theologically. Youth just aren't trusted with the words to express themselves.

Ha. I just listened to the end.

I'm down for bein' on a podcast if ya'll still want to do that...

St.Phransus said...

Of course we do!! I hope you are doing great- have you mentally checked out on school yet?

takemyhand said...

Have I mentally checked out on school yet? Ohhhh yeah.

Months ago.

I only have 3 classes to take this semester, and I only need one of them (health) to graduate.

So basically, I go to school for about 4 hours a day and work the rest of the time.

School currently serves no purpose other than to provide a place to chill with friends and read books.

I'm currently working simultaneously on reading Martin Buber's "I and Thou" and the most recent Harry Potter. That's currently my life.

Shoot me an email at some point and we'll figure out the podcast thing.

Are you doing well??


St.Phransus said...

Absolutely!! Just gearing up for one crazy great summer.