Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I speak a lot about how the reason there is such a divide in Christianity when it comes to the "liberal/conservative" issue is that Christians have allowed themselves to be informed by the politics of the state and not the politics of Jesus. There has been a loss of "moral imagination" when it comes to solutions and alternatives to the problems we face in the world.

"So Jonathon", you ask, "what in the world do you mean by moral imagination?" Friends, moral imagination is our spirit filled ability to imagine what the world might be... to imagine that "God Dream" for the world- and then to LIVE IT NOW, and participate in it NOW- no holds barred.

Does it look ridiculous? Sometimes... sometimes even to ourselves it looks strange and downright stupid.

Will it change the world? Maybe it will, maybe it won't- BUT it will give us and everyone a glimpse of "what might be" when we are living out God's Kingdom together.

I came across this video and I LOVE IT because these guys are willing to do something subversive and wonderful, something ridiculous and creative. They are using their God breathed moral imaginations to show the possibility of what might be. Thanks be to God that the Church still has artists who are dare to paint a kingdom come in the world now.


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greg hazelrig said...

Cool. I would have never imagined something like that. But I guess what you're saying the real question ought to be is, "What can I imagine myself doing?"

Thanks dude. I'll start thinking about it.