Friday, September 09, 2005

Alt.Worship Methodist Style pt.4

From Saltash circuit, Cornwall

"One of our members planned a walk round the circuit's 11 churches during the holiday season, with a brief stop for an act of worship at every one. In total, the 5-day walk was 50 miles. At times there were only 2 walkers, but about 40 of us managed at least some of it! 500 copies of 'The Son' were given out as we travelled. Ages ranged from 12 to 90+, and the smaller chapels were certainly encouraged. We met people on the road and explained it was 'a walk of faith'.(Slide show available in Devon/Cornwall) "

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To use an acronymn that methodist author/speaker/emerging church guru/theologian Leonard Sweet coined- this prayer walk was E.P.I.C. Alt.Worship:

it was
Experiential: the prayer walk involved the senses- touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. The participants experienced God not just by sitting in a pew on Sunday morning but they actually became pilgrims on a journey and saw God not only in the churches they saw as they walked, but saw God through God's creation.

Participatory: the prayer walk involved people from all walks of life and all ages and all were involved in this walking prayer. Although someone obviously planned the walk and facillitated- the prayer involved a community of people (even only 2) who shared in the participation.

Image Rich: During the walk, pilgrims read from devotional material, saw images of the churches they passed, and saw fellow pilgrims and strangers along the way. All this connected to their faith pilgrimage and became a story they could share with others.

Connected: The pilgrims walked together in community with one another and even met strangers along the way. From start to finish being connected in community was at the center because God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the ultimate expression of Community was at the center.

Alt.Worship takes serious the need to build a Christ centered community and is not afraid to try it in new (or very old) ways. Although this worship experience seems very ordinary, it is very much outside the box when it comes to the question- "how do we do worship together?"

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