Thursday, September 29, 2005


This post comes in response to help that my buddy Gavin needs after a rant with a fellow UM'er. Here's some fuel for the fire Gavo, now go get'em!!!!

Are you sitting back fuming over that comment that someone posted on your blog? Are you looking for the right words to say to that liberal/conservative @#$@ who has a thing or two coming to him/her?

Look no further- today I have a gift: the biblical curse generator!
Check it out here.

"Biblical Curse Generator, which is pre-loaded with blistering smackdowns as delivered by Elijah, Jeremiah and other monumentally angry saints. Simply click the button below, and smite your foes with a custom-made curse straight out of the Old Testament!"

button below

Here's my favorite: "I hope you will be as welcome as a fart in the queen's bedchamber, O thou love-child of Methuselah!"


gavin richardson said...

Woe unto thee, O ye discourager of the brethren, for you will be whipped with a thousand scorpions!

this is awesome, i feel much better.

gavin richardson said...

Behold, thou shalt be taunted by the king's concubines, thou dabbler in abominations!

i can't get enough of this! lol

John said...

Thou shalt accidentally insult Goliath, O thou son of thunder!

This is so cool! Now my Sunday school lessons will practically write themselves!