Sunday, September 04, 2005

Alt.Worship? or Emerging Church?

Before there were 'emerging churches' there were churches over in the UK and various other European nations doing 'alternative worship'. Is there a difference in the two terms?

I seem to think so and so does Steve Collins of Small Fire. I tend to connect more with the missional ethos of the alt.worship movement and somewhat fluid nature of alt.worship more so than I do with the emerging church. Although I really like most of the things the emerging church (US) is doing and want to continue to be a part of the network and conversation. Collins expresses that Emerging Churches and Alt.Worship although quite similar have some elemental differences. Check out Steve's article on the subject here. His website Small Fire is a terrific resource, as well, for alt.worship.


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gavin richardson said...

i've always identified more with alt worship more than emergent.. one point, alt worship wishes to be more liturgical, atleast in the historic sense, than many emerging communities. liturgy for emergent is still 'work of the people' but it's generated work of the community, not passed down generations of work.

maybe though reading the article, it's more that alt worship is something done within the context of church, not a seperate church, which is what they lead emergent to be. i like that, as i'm not ready to deconstruct my denom completely.. just a little bit