Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sexual Ethics and the Practicing Bishop

Today I attended the first of a two day "Sexual Ethics/Safe Sanctuaries" workshop for clergy. This workshop is one of those wonderful workshops that I'll be able to cross off my list of things to do in the canidacy process. It wasn't a bad program today, especially since Brentwood UMC (the location of the seminar) has wireless!!!

The best part of the day though was a segment that our Bishop, Richard Wills, led. He talked about the need for clergy to be spiritually fit. He remarked that being spiritually fit is done through practices. In fact he stressed the importance of daily disciplines in one's life that builds the strong foundation for a whole pastor. He then went on to say that pastors needed to think of practices in wholistic ways- health, diet, exercise, prayer/meditation, scripture, etc... I have to say, he was very compelling and seems to really be interested in the hearts and souls of clergy.

As I listened to him speak I thought of the wonderful response he wrote to the members of UM churches in response to the hurricane last week. So I decided to post it:

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

There is a time when the mission of the church is heightened. There is a time when support for our neighbors is placed even more directly in our hands. One of those times is now! Hurricane Katrina has stretched Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana to unimaginable levels. Recovery efforts will take years and volunteer help will be needed for the duration of the recovery.

Pastoral support is critical, and, as you well know, the key to passing along information is the local church. Therefore, I am writing to let you know what we believe to be the immediate needs of those affected by Katrina and how we can help.

Clean up and debris removal is the first priority. UMCOR has identified an urgent need for health kits and flood buckets. Several districts and the conference are securing trailers and trucks to transport these items to UMCOR’S Sager Brown at various points over the weekend and as time goes forward. Details will be available at the conference and district offices, through listserv, at and at

read the rest of his letter here


Kevin Rector said...

You're at Brentwood Baptist with WIFI and you didn't even e-mail me to have lunch? We could have had Pannera!

St.Phransus said...

brentwood umc, just down the street. sorry bout that.

gavin richardson said...

kevin you should just go over and eat at bumc, it's got the best coffee shop in nashville, and they do serve food.