Monday, September 26, 2005


Since "A Week With Hauerwas" I've been considering who to "spend a week" with. It ocurred to me that most of the thinkers that I have written about and showcase on my blog have tended to be men. I have not done this purposefully. In fact many women thinkers have had a profound impact on my theology and spiritual formation. Some of the women thinkers that I've been very interested in are Nancy Murphy, Sally McFague, Catherine Pickstock, Rebecca Chopp, Kathlene Norris, and Norvene Vest.

But this week I'm focussing on a voice that I'm really impressed with and have much respect for: Inagrace Diettrich. If you've not heard of her, you need to!!

Inagrace T. Dietterich is an ordained United Methodist minister who serves as the Director of Theological Research at the Center for Parish Development in Chicago, IL. She is a graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary and has a Ph.D. in Christian Theology from the University of Chicago Divinity School. Reflecting a continuing interest, her Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Toward A Theology of the Holy Spirit."

Inagrace's research and writing form the biblical and theological foundations for the Center's consulting and teaching processes. She has participated as part of an ecumenical team from the Gospel and our Culture Network for the writing of two books published by Eerdmans: Missional Church: A Theological Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America and StormFront: The Good News of God.

Inagrace is married to Paul Dietterich, the Executive Director of the Center for Parish Development, and together they have six children and ten grandchildren.

I'm excited to spend a week pondering her words and exploring what they have to say to our Church.

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