Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'm really excited!!!

I've been putting together a new way to facillitate leadership within our youth group. Our youth council has worked well in the past but at most it has tended to be chaotic with not much structure- which is typically how we like it at Blake'Ville.

But I want the youth to feel more empowered to imagine, create and lead more of what they do. So I've developed a new model called FOCUS Teams. This is the abbot/monastic youth pastor coming out in me- I want to "focus" the kids into a "way of doing ministry" that is centered in practices.

Read more about them at the FOCUS Teams Blog.


Josh Frank said...

Man, now we both have a group at our church that we are leading called FOCUS. Well, ours is FOCCUS, and it is the college ministry of our church; still, I'm going to get confused! My prayers are with you as you go in this new direction.

Our college group has its first meeting this weekend and we'll find out what kind of "focus" we'll have this year. Exciting stuff!

Peace to you,

St.Phransus said...

you and you're group will be in my prayers too, bro.