Friday, September 16, 2005


I usually don't connect the words "silence" and "workshop" together. But yesterday and today those words definitely go hand in hand.

Today I'm in a workshop all day on HOW TO PLAN AND LEAD TAIZE WORSHIP; offered through Scarritt Bennett Center.

In Taizé, France, the Brothers of the Community of Taizé lead ecumenical worship services consisting of meditative singing, meditative readings, and silent meditations. This unique and deeply moving form of worship seeks to unite and inspire people of all ages and Christian faiths. In the summer months, young people from all over the world gather in great numbers at Taizé to deepen their spirituality and rediscover a fine human hope in God.

Scarritt Bennett offers Taize Worship twice a month and it is so nice to show up to a gathering of silence and singing and not have to be in charge of anything. I find myself feeling completely embraced in God's presence. The singing is more like chanting, some songs in english and some in latin.

Last night at Scarritt we held prayers around the labyrinth, and it was quite amazing. As I walked the labyrinth and sang "Adoramus te O Christe" (We adore you, Lord) over and over, I felt myself going deeper and deeper into the heart of God. It was wonderful.

I got to the middle and just sat in silence and heard those words all around me in harmony and it was beautiful.

After the gathering the participants in the workshop talked with the musicians and leaders about the music. I made the comment that taize music is like "medieval jazz". Gavin got a good chuckle out of that one.

I'm looking forward to today's workshop and what it will bring. Last year our youth group planned and led several taize worship gatherings on Sunday nights. I'm hoping to begin doing that again with the group. Maybe the workshop today will give me some further insight on how we can enrich what we do together.

labyrinth pic borrowed from Gavin's blog. Thanks Gavo!!

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