Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The BBC is working on creating a new online world just for children. This world would allow "digitally literate children the access to characters and resources they had come to expect. Users would be able to build an online presence, known as an avatar, then create and share content." (1)

I wonder if this is one of those interesting ideas that those of us in the life of the Church ought to be taking notice of, and seeing how technology can be used to inspire and spark the imagination- and in our cultural context- share the love of Christ.

The article goes on to say, "It will give children a chance to move around a safe, secure world where they can not only interact with familiar characters but have an opportunity to make that world a more fascinating place with their own imaginations."

I wonder if there are congregations who are already using this technology as part of their children's ministry. This is something that I'd be really interested in seeing how it might be utilized in the life of a congregation.


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rocksalive777 said...

Second Life...for kids?

Apparently The Sims and Seasame Stree have produced a child. Mazel tov.