Friday, January 05, 2007


We’re driving down highway 501, a road that seems to never end, heading toward the interstate and away from the aches of South Carolina and The Congress on Evangelism 06. It has been a great week... it has been an exhausting week... most of all it has been a hopeful week.

This week has reminded me what blogging is about for me. When I started my blog a little over 2 years ago I began it because I wanted had hopes of sharing theological reflections and liturgical reflections for anyone interested in reflecting along side me. I also enjoyed reading other blogs and wanted to engage other writers ideas as well. What I found was a unique community, a diversity of ideas and personalities, and soon some very good friendships.

2 years later I am still interested in being a theological voice, I am still interested in sharing liturgical reflections as it relates to our worship and life, but today that is second to the community and friendships that I have made through the blogosphere. We have a unique community here (I emphasize unique as gavin has just recieved a text photo from jay voorhees of himself driving home from the conference) where all voices as diverse as they are- are important. I have been challenged by you and shaped by you, and at times my mind has been changed by you and I just want to thank everyone who blogs, especially united methodist bloggers, for contributing to the conversations and relationships. I continue to do this thing called blogging because of you and because I really feel that it is our community and the egalitarian nature of blogging that can model for our Church how Christians might love one another, disagree and struggle alongside one another, and continue to be community that witnesses to a loving God who is transforming the world.

Shalom y’all,



Susan said...

Oh, my, thanks for this...and thanks all of you blogger folks, for letting me be a part of you and the community, even though I am old, decrepit, tired, a d.s., and yes, hopeful, too...

emily said...

i was lookin at that picture and is it like all the pics. you took piled on top of each other?

DogBlogger said...

Thanks, Jonathan. Had a great and meaningful time meeting you all... and am ready to start figuring out when we'll get together again!

TN Rambler said...

Thanks for these thoughts...and all of the thoughts that you've shared over the past nearly 2 years. Your words have spoken to me at a time when I'm questioning whether or not to continue blogging as a practice. I started blogging as a way to share my journey toward pastoral ministry and all of the adventures that that entails. Now the practice of that ministry in my first year of my first appointment as a licensed local pastor with COS and seminary ahead is a bit overwhelming as I strive to find a balance of ministry, family and personal time and growth.

I haven't yet decided what I will do (although I have decided that I'm moving to wordpress). I've been touched by the comments that have come when something that I 've written has touched someone else. I've been amazed at how God has spoken to me through some of the other voices of the blogosphere...especially those of a Methodist or Wesleyan perspective. We are a community and I am thankful for all that it has come to mean to me.


St.Phransus said...

thanks wayne, and i hope you find a way to continue blogging because i really appreciate what you say on your blog and knowing that you are out there.