Monday, January 22, 2007


I am really tired today. I am just in somewhat of a slump. I think it just has to do with how crazy busy things have been lately and the fact that I'm nowhere near the end of that tunnel. This weekend is Warmth In Winter, our conference's major winter youth conference. It's a great event but I always come home absolutely exhausted.

Then we have our ski trip in less than a month and I think we have, at this point a little over 50 youth signed up to go. That's definitely a reason to celebrate but it also means a lot of preparation and paying very close attention to all the details which is not always my strong suite.

Other reasons to celebrate:

1. Last week we kicked off our "Wonderful Wednesdays" with youth. The next couple of months we have small groups going on and over 50 youth signed up in classes. How cool is that?

The groups are:

1. U R N the Video: making a movie with a message. This group is making a short movie (less than 5 minutes) that is to have a unique and inspiring message. That's the only criteria I gave them.

2. Reel to Real: Finding faith in the Chronicles of Narnia

3. Girl's Night Out: Discovering inner and outer beauty: this group of girls take one outer beauty activity a week (this week it's lip gloss) and also one inner beauty character trait (this week it's how we use our words to build others up).

4. Hot Topic: social issues, and our faith: talking about issues such as abortion, homosexuality, racism, the rebel flag, and others in an open way. we're focusing this one on how to talk differences without getting angry and maintaining respect for one another.

Last night we also celebrated an answered prayer. On Sunday nights we've been averaging 60-75 youth. A few weeks back we began separating the jr. high and sr. high, knowing that we did not have enough adult youth leaders. Last night we welcomed two new youth leaders for middle school, the Wolfs, which now means we have 4 youth leaders working with middle school, and 4 youth leaders working with senior high. Yesterday also saw the first meeting of our newly formed youth council, who is very excited about getting to help plan and implement our youth ministry. AND at a parent meeting last night we formed an 8 person parent team/council who's function will be to undergird and help empower the youth council.

So this time a few months ago I was pulling my hair out in frustration wondering how we were going to maintain the number of kids coming to youth group. Now I begin the exciting and challenging adventure of figuring out how to empower and encourage adults to be in ministry with youth. Wow!!! How quickly things can change when you begin to pray.


gavoweb said...

way to go buddy, i'll have to send you a copy of our pseudo youth manual. it might help in shaping some of your structure.

TN Rambler said...

Sounds like things are going well. Wish that TN Conf was doing something like Warmth in Winter when I was a youth...but then again that was when the dinosaurs were roaming Middle Tennessee.

Jay said...

JN- check out

This is not live yet...but it will be soon. I would love for your group to consider doing this.

It was good to see you this weekend! Peace, -Jay