Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! I am pretty excited because tomorrow bright and early Gavo and I head out for sort of sunny Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The Congress on Evangelism will be taking place and we're attending (that can only mean trouble!!).

Actually we are also part of a side project going on there- "The World is My Parish" gathering of bloggers. We'll be hooking up with some other bloggers- John, aka Locusts and Honey, Jay Voorhees, and Theresa aka Rev. Mommy to name a few. Gavo and I are leading a workshop while there called "Binary Relationships" which will be on postmodern culture and how new online communities such as myspace, facebook, etc... can enhance ministries with young people.

We will all be blogging the event so if you aren't there, we wish you were, and stay posted on the happening through all of our blogs.

Shalom y'all,



rocksalive777 said...

Ooh. Myrtle Beach. Last time I was there, it seemed like the Gatlinburg of the Atlantic coast.

I've been to Rev. Hamilton's Church of the Resurrection and he's a pretty good speaker. Amazing church, too. Fascinated to see how they manage such a large congregation.

Have fun and don't be ashamed to buy an airbrushed t-shirt.


emily said...

hey my link on your blogroll doesnt work... boo. you and gavin stay out of trouble!

St.Phransus said...

"you and gavin stay out of trouble!"