Wednesday, January 10, 2007


After showing St Phransus who his daddy was in a vicious kung fu battle, John went underground fearing retaliation from St. Phransus' elite squad of blogging ninjas.

So what has John been up to since then? Secret sources have infiltrated John's whearabouts and have linked John to a secret training camp where rabbits are being taught the art of war and jujitsu. I know... I know... this is scary stuff folks. I'll keep you posted as I learn more. I did manage to get my hand on this footage from John's training camp:

Texas Rabbits Rule - video powered by Metacafe


rocksalive777 said...

I was expecting the same creature feared by Tim the Enchanter.

revabi said...

Doesn't John know, hasn't he learned anything yet?

daniel greeson said...

im good man, how about you? havent seen u in a long time. IM glad you FINALLY UPDATED YOUR LINK TO ME!!!!

im in Nashville every weekend. we should go hiking or something sometime. or get a brew, SOMETHING.

glad to hear from you


the reverend mommy said...

Dear JNorm,
This is not Jujitsu.
It is usagi ha tai hebe no jutsu.
Or just usagijutsu that is "bunny tooth against snake technique" or "bunny technique."
Sheesh. Go to a Nazerene school and you learn NOTHING about the Martial Arts.

John said...

Bunnies and Burrows, a RPG put out in the 70s based on Watership Down, had a rabbit martial art called "Bun Fu".