Tuesday, January 30, 2007

PAUSE in your day...

Since November, a small group of sr. high girls from my youth group have been reading through the Bible daily (Eugene Peterson's Message Remixed in a Year) and meeting together once a week. I have had the honor of being an honorary female and part of the group as we try to nurture it along.

This week I created an online space where not only they can go to get their readings and journal if they choose but it occurred to me that anyone who wants to be a part of an online community reading through the bible and journaling could be a part.

My idea is that as students at HUMC begin to want more in their spiritual life and to engage more with scripture that we start a PAUSE group according to who is ready. PAUSE not only references a pause in one's day to spend with God and God's word, but also the process of
1. Plugging In (reading scripture)
2. Asking yourself and God, "what is this all about?"
3. Using the words of God in your life today
4. Silence and prayer
5. Experiencing: Go out and live it!!

The method is simply a revamping of a journaling technique that is very popular in the TN Conference called the SOAP(y) method. It has been introduced by our Bishop, which he learned about after visiting New Hope Fellowship in Hawaii.

If you are looking for a community to journal with and read through the Bible in a year with- feel free to utilize the PAUSE blog space. I'll be posting my journal entries on their and it really is just there as a gift for anyone who'd like to take advantage of it as a means of grace.

shalom all,

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Art said...

That is a great idea. I just started the Life Journal/SOAPY. These look like great methods. Keep up the good work!