Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I discovered through wired magazine that there is RPG based on the tragic events surrounding the Columbine massacre. It is being met with a lot of opposition, but what struck me is the notion how there is a video game influenced by an event who some would claim was influenced by a video game. Isn't that both disturbing and interesting?

I find it "problematic" (that's for Erin and all her Duke friends) that this kind of mimesis is happening. (Mimesis is when something imitates something else to the point that the copy becomes somewhat of a reality, and so on and so on). I suppose censorship is one answer to this and in a case such as this game I agree that there is not much if any redeeming value to it. I'd have a hard time saying that all fighting games are bad since I'd be quite hypicricital in that my favorite game of all time is a martial arts fighting game- Soul Calibur.

I do however think that if one takes seriously the idea of mimesis then why not present God's grace and good news in the same way? Games like Super Columbine present a representation of the culure of violence where community is destroyed and nihillism wins. Maybe some Christians ought to be creating games as their ministry that seeks to mimick the creating of community in artistic and adventurous ways that would appeal to gamers. I know there are some of us who have sought to create sacred spaces in the world of online social networking.

Obviously these virtual spaces do influence and provide space for real community to take place. It would seem that Christ would want his followers to go wherever there are people hurting or not knowing his grace.



* please note that i linked to the game super columbine so that readers could see how disturbing it is. by linking to this site, please know that i do not in any way promote or support this game.

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