Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My youth small group on "Hot Topics" is discussing Abortion tomorrow night. I have a form in my mind, but not quite the content. Here is the structure that I want to use:

1. Opening Ritual: Setting our baggage aside- participants write on an index card what their baggage from the week is that has them stressed or distracted. We then all place something that we have in our possession into the middle of the circle as a way to say that "we are all in this together" for the next hour.

2. Introducing the Topic: a quick discussion question that is nonthreatening and light but will get people thinking about the issue (this week abortion)

3. Hearing the positions and The Samoan Circle: discussing the issues that revolve around abortion and then split into two dialog groups and come back together in a point/counterpoint way/with emphasis on listening and asking questions.

4. The UM Stance according to the Social Principles

5. Keep and Change circle: what would you keep from the discussion, what would you change?

I could use help and guidance with this- do you have any case studies that would be good "what would you do/advice would you give" scenarios? how have you led hot topic groups with young people or adults?


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John said...

I suggest the book series Opposing Viewpoints, which should be available at any local and most school libraries. It addresses contemporary political events and written at teen level.