Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Jen and I have decided to make the most sacred pilgrimage that any cornbred American makes who has young children. All I can say is that I will be staying away from any tigers that I see, especially any that try and put their arms around me.


Melissa said...

Welcome to RevGals, fellow youth pastor! Look forward to hearing your voice among the group.

Blessings -

DannyG said...

My wife (J) grew up in central fla. Went to Disney World 1 month after it opened and lost count after 25+ times. One hint, if you have a choice, turn left rather than right. Mose people will go right if there is no other factor, you'll hit fewer lines. The Polonesian review is good if you want to stay on campus. If you and the wife can get away for an evening Bergamo's on International drive is nice...Itialian quisine & singing waiters (a little pricey...but a nice date place)Have fun, take plenty of pix.

St.Phransus said...

thanks danny.

Mary Sue said...

Oh, have fun!

I would say "stalk my sister who works there", but she's in CA for two weeks visiting the 'rents. The 'rents, who just got back from visiting Sister suggest you do not miss the rides in Norway in EPCOT, and I suggest you ride the Giant Golf Ball.

Thunder Jones said...

Thunder Jones may be opposed to rabid capitalism, but who can poop on DisneyWorld?

I went two years ago and had a freaking blast. Enjoy it, champ!

St.Phransus said...

yes, indeed one must suspend one's social critiques on capitalism when it comes to the Mouse. :)
i know i have.


TN Rambler said...

You will have no problems with Tiggers as long as you don't try to choke them.

May you, Jen and all the little Normans have a wonderful time.

gavin richardson said...

i'd watch out for that goofy.. whatever the heck he/she is

revabi said...

You joined revgalblogpals. Welcome.

Hey have a great time with the kids. Take lots of money, credit cards, loans, anything.

Hope Tygger doesn't hit you on the way out.